August 05, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Iviva Olenick

On Wednesday, August 6th, the Center will host an Artist Talk featuring Béatrice Coron, Iviva Olenick, and Ximena Pérez Grobet, who are all exhibiting their works in Livres d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations. Leading up to the Talk, we will write a Spotlight featuring each artist.

Brooklyn Love Map, hand embroidered map, 2011.
Iviva Olenick is a Brooklyn born and based artist. Iviva has exhibited at additional local venues, including the Center for Book Arts, Denise Bibro Fine Art, the Brooklyn Arts Council, and Weaving Hand in Brooklyn where she was the inaugural Resident Teaching Artist in Fall 2013. Her work has been included in exhibits at Fowler-Kellogg Art Center in Chautauqua, New York, the Mount Vernon Public Library in Mount Vernon, New York, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Her work is in private and public collections locally and internationally, including the Schwartz Art Collection of the Harvard Business School.

Iviva working a loom at Weaving Hand. 
Image courtesy of artist.
Iviva received 2011 and 2013 Brooklyn Arts Council Community Fund re-grants from the Department of Cultural Affairs, and a 2011 BRIC Media Arts Fellowship to study film production and editing. She is currently a Spring 2014 Co-Create Resident at IMC Lab and Gallery, where she is partnering with technologists to add interactive sound to her hand-crafted work.

Winter 2014 marked Iviva’s curatorial debut. In collaboration with Jenny Douglas of the Brooklyn Cottage, Iviva selected works of nine artists for "Crafting Home," transforming a Prospect Heights brownstone into a walk-through art installation. Iviva and Jenny are now collaborating on a forthcoming October exhibit to be held at the Brooklyn Cottage.

About her choice of media, Iviva says:
"I didn’t start incorporating embroidery and stitching into artwork until 2002. This was a transitional time in the art world, and in New York City in particular. The Whitney Museum mounted an exhibit of “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend,” large, abstract quilts made by women in Gee’s Bend, a small rural community nestled into a curve in the Alabama River southwest of Selma, Alabama. All of a sudden, quilts had the same weight and presence as abstract paintings, and craft was in again. 
Ten years later, “fiber arts” are still hot, and I’m excited to be part of a growing community of artists employing traditional hand crafts in new ways."
"Brooklyn: breaker of my heart." Part of the Brooklyn Love Exchange (first piece for the project).
2011. Embroidery on fabric. 3.7 x 3". In a private collection.

 Come learn more about Iviva and her works on Wednesday, August 6th, from 6:30pm.

August 04, 2014

Artist Spotlights: Ximena Pérez Grobet

On Wednesday, August 6th, the Center will host an Artist Talk featuring Béatrice Coron, Iviva Olenick, and Ximena Pérez Grobet, who are all exhibiting their works in Livres d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations. Leading up to the Talk, we will write a Spotlight featuring each artist.

Ximena Pérez Grobet designs and supervises the production of artists’ books for her own firm, Nowhere Man Press, as well as artists books for other publishers around the world. She has presented installations at galleries in Mexico City and Barcelona. Her work has been shown in Mexico, Argentina, England, United States, Italy and Spain, where she currently lives.

Face the Face, Nowhere Man Press, 2007,
Silkscreen printing.
She has given artists book presentations in editorial Design in Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona as well as artists book workshops for adults and children in Abracadabra Books, La Central Bookshop in Barcelona and Madrid. She is currently completing an MBA in Literature, Knowledge and Art at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

24 Hours, Nowhere Man Press, 2010, Transfer on Japanese paper.
Besides being awarded grants in both Mexico and Japan, Pérez Grobet has won the Charnwood Books Prize, United Kingdom 2010 with her artist book 24 Hours, and the Banc de Sabadell Award for her artist book and catalog Incis de Mar Arza.

Art Deco in New York, Nowhere Man Press, 1994,
Letterpress, hand printed, photography.
Come see Ximena's work and listen to her Artist Talk on Wednesday, August 6th, at 6:30pm.

August 02, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Béatrice Coron

On Wednesday, August 6th, the Center will host an Artist Talk featuring Béatrice Coron, Iviva Olenick, and Ximena Pérez Grobet, who are all exhibiting their works in Livres d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations. Leading up to the Talk, we will write a Spotlight featuring each artist.

Béatrice Coron tells stories in illustrations, book arts, fine arts and public artShe cuts her characteristic silhouette designs in paper and Tyvek. She adapts her papercut designs in metal, stone and glass. She also creates works in stone, rubber, and digital media. Among many places, Coron's papercuts were shown at Slash at the Museum of Arts & Design and she spoke about her creative process at TED

Her work has been purchased by major museum collections, such as the Metropolitan MuseumThe Walker Art Center and The Getty.
Béatrice's statement on Cut Stories:
"Stories give meaning to everything, from mythical legends to journalistic reports, from marketing strategies to political ideologies: the story is always for free, and it's the bait, the cure and the hope.
For the last 15 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling in artist books, paper cutting and public art. Collecting memories from individuals and communities, I stage narrative allegories in silhouette to create a dialogue with the viewer in playful fantasies.
These visual chronicles record archetypal stories that transcend time and space. My goal is to invite the public to pause and bring their own ideas finding personal interpretation to reclaim their imaginative powers."
 In August, Béatrice will be leading a workshop in Papercutting Explorations at the Center for Book Arts. Listen to her Artist Talk on Wednesday, August 6th, from 6:30pm.

July 24, 2014

August Workshops: Vegetable Gardens, Papercutting, Platen Presses, oh my!

We're deep into the summer now, and what a way to get through the slow burn by checking out some of our August workshops?

Pop-Up Vegetable Garden
August 2nd - 3rd, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

What's exciting about the structure of a cauliflower? Where's the drama in a potato? Build these jewel-toned heirloom vegetable pop-ups and find out! Led by pop-up engineer Shawn Sheehy, this weekend workshop is about creating 12 pop-up veggies in a greeting card format, which are perfect for display or gifts. Beginners are welcome; experienced participants will explore new ways of applying fundamental mechanics to abstract forms.

Learn more about what may pop-up in this workshop here.

August 2nd - 3rd, Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

No stranger to the CBA spotlight, Barbara Henry is back to lead our Platen Press Workshop. In this workshop, Barbara will show you how printing business cards and invitations is faster and more efficient on a platen press. Set lead type by hand, learn to fit it into a chase, and letterpress print editions of your own design. This class will offer the chance for students to use both our foot-operated treadle platen press and our tabletop presses safely in this comprehensive two-day workshop.

Press on for more information.

August 4th - 8th, Monday through Friday, 10am - 4pm

Got an intense craving for bookbinding? This week-long introductory course, led by Lee Marchalonis, will familiarize students with the basic materials (paper, cloth, board, and adhesives), techniques (folding, sewing, gluing), and history of bookbinding. Students will make several structures, including a pamphlet, a flat and a rounded case bound multi-section book, and a photo album.

Learn more about how you can sate that bookbinding hunger.

August 9th, Saturday, 10am - 4pm

A great way to master a skill is to teach it to someone else, and artist Jennifer Verbit will show you how to learn and teach bookbinding. Students will gain a beginners knowledge of how to use basic book binding tools and get some gluing tips, information on adhesives and paste papers. Gain ideas and methods that you can experiment with, and think about everyday materials in a different way. Practice folding and stitching that will result in many variations of pamphlets, accordions, and pop-ups. This class is open to all, with a focus on primary education teachers, after-school programming and specialized summer camp activities.

Learn more about becoming a student and master here.

August 9th, Saturday, 5 - 8pm

Hold on to your hands! Get trained to use both the guillotine and the printshop in a three-hour workshop. You will learn to operate the Center's motorized guillotine paper cutter and care for our Vandercook proof presses. Topics to be covered include proper press inking and cleaning, roller height adjustment, changing the tympan paper, as well as the Center's general rules for working in the Jane Mead Timken Printshop. 

Get a head start and learn more about this workshop.

August 9th - 10th , Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Expert papercutter Béatrice Coron takes the helm of this weekend workshop. During this fun packed workshop you will experiment with silhouettes, colorful collages, basic popups and paper sculptures as well as multiple prints. Learn how to use cutting techniques to conceive and produce works as different as unique illustrations, stenciling editions and dimensional work. Discover the many possible applications of papercutting to different materials from fine arts to public art commissions.

Cut to the chase and read more about this workshop and Béatrice.

August 16 - 17 , Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Curious about letterpress printing but not sure where to start? Wondering if letterpress printing is up your alley? Get your feet wet in this series of introductory workshops. You will learn basic typesetting and press lock-up, ink mixing, and press mechanics. Produce eye-catching letterpress greeting cards, while learning the essentials of good presswork.

Get acquainted with the CBA Staff and this workshop.

Registration for each workshop ends one week prior to their respective start dates.

July 21, 2014

Livre d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Do you feel like something is missing in your world? Do you often wish there was a piece, a total artistic collaboration to fill that void in your life? In that case – voulez-vous aller voir des livres d'artiste avec moi?

Livre d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations, organized by Alexander Campos (Executive Director and Curator, Center for Book Arts) and Maddy Rosenberg (Curator, Central Booking) gathers collaborations between artists and writers, performers, musicians, designers, storytellers, etc., and presents these resulting livres d'artiste.

What is a livre d'artiste? The livre d'artiste was "traditionally" put together by a publisher asking an artist and writer (who often didn't even know each other) to create work for a publication. The collaboration was usually an arranged one, and the production value was usually of high quality, produced in a limited run. For this exhibition, however, the curators are interested to see how artists, writers, performers, etc, have found ways to self-produce publications that fully embody the collaborative spirit embedded in the concept of the livre d'artiste. The exhibition will present the work of a true collaboration, not one artist responding to a finished work, but one in which both contributors have equal weight.

The exhibition will be travelling to MDC Galleries of Art + Design in Miami from November 17th, 2014 to March 20th, 2015. Presented to coincide with the Miami Book Fair International, there will be a related panel on paper and book arts in February. MDC Galleries of Art + Design is located at Centre Gallery (on the Miami Dade College Wolfson campus), at 300 NE Second Avenue in Miami.

Livre d'Artiste d'Aujourd'hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations opens on this week, on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 and will be on exhibit until September 27th, 2014.